Pourquoi payer pour voler à la Banne ?

Why pay to fly with his glider radio-controlled at Banne Ordanche?

Indeed, flying with his model is free for anyone and pay a right to fly as "passing through" when you're not a member of the club "Les Ailes silencieues" may seem unwarranted. What is it?

Be ensured:

Firstly, to fly with a model it must be ensured. To be sure he must have purchased the license-assurance FFAM. But that's not enough! For insurance to compensate a victim for damage to property or persons caused by one of our models, the insured must have permission from the owner of land on which it is changing its business model. In this case, the Banne d'Ordanche lies the village of Murat Quaire and belongs to its domain.

The need for a partner:

When a flying site is visited from time to time by a person or two, these people are cautious, then this activity can be considered more or less "transparent". It is "neither seen nor known, and nobody will find fault with. By cons, as soon as activity begins to attract the world, with regular attendance, a number of parked cars, a large number of gliders in flight, this is not the same. One day or another, failed to close a gate that lets out animals, cars parked in the area sown eventually lead to the rapid expulsion of intruders ... Examples abound.

To avoid the conclusion "fatal", it is necessary to fit a structure with legal personality, usually in the form of an association. This association will organize the activity in enforcing its members negotiated with the recorded owner, and possibly pay a fee to it.

The association "Les Ailes Silencieuses"

The association "Les Ailes Silencieuses" is the speaker of the City of Murat Quaire and public authorities in general practice model airplanes on the massive Banne d'Ordanche. The association "Silent Wings" was created in 1985 by the late Rudolph and Raymond Knight Schmutz has entrusted the organization of this activity on the mountain to ensure the safety and flight management, compliance with instructions security, the summering cohabitation with sheep, visitor information.

Overflight rights are used to finance the operating costs of the association: renting a room and workshop, maintenance of the local track (you can take refuge in bad weather, will break the crust with friends) , payment of electricity bills and phone, purchase of small equipment, miscellaneous expenses of organizing events.

An area of outstanding developments and preserved:

We are now entitled to ask: what am I entitled in exchange for payment of overflight rights?

Exclusive aviation activities:

by bylaw, any aviation activity other than theft of radio-controlled gliders are allowed on the massif of Banne Ordanche. Paragliding, hang-gliding is prohibited. This ensures the safety part of our evolutionary models, and avoids competition with other users. Indeed, cohabitation gliders and paragliders are not always possible, some that may endanger others (such as a glider will tear the veil of a paraglider).

Zone evolution exclusive and privileged:

An area with a radius of one nautical mile and a height of one thousand meters, around the Banne is reserved for the practice of model airplanes! This means that the magnitudes of all aircraft types should be avoided: in case of accident with one of our models they are responsible. This exclusive area is on aeronautical charts used by pilots, and updated annually.

The size of this zone change is quite rare in France, both in its area by its height

It is the association "Silent Wings" that has worked to obtain these rights in favor of model airplanes, including instructing the necessary records to the competent authorities.

Full availability to practice our hobby:

So what you have in sharing the "right to fly" if you just fly as a "passing through", apart from the logistical support of the association you can get: the full availability of a huge mass for practice your favorite hobby, with opportunities for countless flights, either on individual exposures of massive, or by "flying hiking.

By paying a right to fly, you help the association "Les Ailes SIlencieuses" to ensure the sustainability of our favorite pastime on this wonderful site that is the theft of Banne Ordanche: it is still worth doing, is not?



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